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Lee Nettles

Town Manager

Miriam Berto

Accounting and Human Resources Manager

Bret Azzarelli

Bret Azzarelli

Town Architect

Zane Hodges

Compliance Manager

Deborah Hutching

Landscape Coordinator

Roxanne Sparacello

Roxanne Sparacello

Security Director

Scott Tomrell

Assistant Security Director

Jason Shoults

Facilities Manager

Chris Cummings

Chris Cummings

Beach Services Manager


Derek Fannin

Assistant Beach Services Manager

Mike Christian

Beach Service Ambassador


Michelle Taormina

Beach Service Reservationist

Laura Wensel

Laura Wensel

Accounting Administrative Staff

Jordan Paramore

Administrative Assistant

Sierra McDaniel

RFID Access Administrator / Public Notary

Sarah Tremblay

Sarah Tremblay

Architecture and Property Management Coordinator