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Founded on the principles of New Urbanism, Rosemary Beach is a walkable and sustainable town that allows residents to live, work, and play without dependence on cars.

Our architecture is based on the elements and designs found in the Caribbean, the West Indies, and the great coastal cities of the southern United States.

Our architecture is, by its nature, open, street-facing, and in context with surrounding dwellings and buildings.

The Regulating Plan, Urban Regulations, Architectural Regulations, Landscaping Regulations, and Design Review Procedures, collectively referred to as the Code, govern the development, construction, and maintenance of dwellings, buildings, and Improvements, with resulting great diversity and creativity within this framework.

The Code is a protective document designed to preserve and enhance the quality of life of all individuals who live, work, and play in Rosemary Beach and to protect the safety of those who interact with our town.

The Vision and Values of Rosemary Beach are an outgrowth of this framework.

Rosemary Beach Property Owners Association is charged with the administration and enforcement of the Declaration and the Code for the continued vitality and economic health of Rosemary Beach. The Town Architect has responsibility for the administration of and compliance with the Code and pertinent sections of the Declaration.