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The town of Rosemary Beach is defined by our Vision and our four Values.

Vision statement

The town of Rosemary Beach aspires to be the best family beach community in the United States, driven by quality and excellence in everything it does. By preserving its architectural heritage, natural beauty, and vibrant community spirit, Rosemary Beach will be a place that blends a tranquil residential area and active Town Center where residents, guests, and merchants live, work, and play in harmony.



Our brand of New Urbanism consists of a diverse group of people interacting on multiple levels, all committed to the success of Rosemary Beach. The spirit of community permeates and directs the management of our Town, our communications, our events, and our relationships with other communities.


We are focused on providing an environment where all families feel safe and included. We are supportive of events and activities that provide a means for families to strengthen their bonds.


Quality is the hallmark of Rosemary Beach. It permeates every facet of our Town – the beach, the architecture, the Town Center, the grounds, events, and town services.


Founded on the principle of preserving and protecting our natural sea and landscape, we are committed to simultaneously integrating architectural integrity and civic planning.

The successful integration of Community, Family, Quality, and Environment serves to protect and enhance the value and reputation of Rosemary Beach.